Our machines are the

fastest / quietest / safest / cheapest

way to break concrete slabs on the ground… in the world.


Our machines are faster than

  • jackhammers
  • concrete saws
  • rock breakers

That might sound incredible, but it’s true. Our machines are fast and will save you lots of time and money.


Our machines are much quieter than a jackhammer, concrete saw or rock breaker.

The motor is similar in noise to a ride-on-mower and the breaking noise is a regular heavy thud, not deafening noise like jackhammers or rock breakers.


Our machines have no dangerous saws and create no flying rocks.

Because they are so quiet they are not a hazard to your hearing, unless you are driving it, and we wear ear protection.


Concrete is a large source of greenhouse gases and recycling reduces it’s impact on the environment.

Our machines can break concrete small enough to recycle on-site as backfill, landfill, road base and more.

This is the  most environmentally friendly option.
Alternatively we can take it away to a recycling plant where it is processed further. The steel is removed and recycled and the crushed concrete is separated into different sized aggregates for various uses. Almost none of it goes to waste.

Our machines also use no water, create very little dust and use far less fuel than concrete saws or excavators.

Technical Information

Small Breaker

  • Height: 2065mm
  • Width: 875mm
  • Length: 1854mm
  • Weight: 745kg
  • Impact Area: 75x75mm
  • Breaking Rate*: 10-100m2/hr
  • Max concrete thickness**: 300mm

Large Breaker

  • Height: 2065mm
  • Width: 1118mm
  • Length: 2210mm
  • Weight: 1173kg
  • Impact Area: 100x100mm
  • Breaking Rate*: 10-100m2/hr
  • Maxi concrete thickness**: 450mm

* Subject to concrete thickness and hardness and required rubble size

** Can break pier and trench footings with repeated blows

We service Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and the rest of South East Queensland.